Rob Case Study

Rob is 55 and was diagnosed with Fronto Temporal Dementia two years ago.

He and his wife had become isolated and depressed. Rob was getting up in the morning and going back to bed after a cup of tea, feeling there was nothing for him to live for. His wife was feeling more and more disconnected with the outside world.

They fought against attending Butterflies for several months, fearing it would be attended by people older than themselves, and that they would be confronted by a room full of motionless people sat in chairs.

But eventually, they joined us and were surprised to see members and their carers were fully occupied in the activities, enjoying the experience together.

Rob was keen not to lose his skills and has always loved cooking. He is now one of our volunteers helping us with the food preparation and catering at a number of the sessions we run.

As a keen artist he also helps with our fundraising by providing framed velvet art pictures for us to sell and raffle.

We have seen Rob’s confidence and self-esteem grow and he often says attending the group has saved his life and his marriage.

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