Life after a dementia diagnosis

Following a diagnosis, your GP or consultant should be able to treat you appropriately for the particular condition you have. If you visit the Alzheimer’s Society Website, you will find everything you need to know.

Below is a link to their fact sheets on the most common causes.

Alzheimer’s disease - Click here to see fact sheet

Vascular dementia - Click here to see fact sheet

Lewy bodies - Click here to see fact sheet

Frontotemporal dementia - Click here to see fact sheet

If you are going to be the main carer, you should seek the support of your local carer’s information and support service as soon as possible. Even if you don’t feel you need it initially, the sooner you are registered the better. They will assess your needs as a carer and signpost you to valuable services you are probably not aware exist.

As a family member supporting someone with dementia you are keeping down the cost of dementia care to your local health authority. Your input is as valuable to them as it is to your loved one.

For more information and further support, follow these useful links:

There are also a number of self help groups on Facebook, which you may find are a great support.